2 Jars of 9 Ounce Wool Wax Creme

$ 31.96

This fabulous lotion  will help you with your skin that has been attacked by the heat and in the cold weather, both of which can take it toll on your skin.  Wool Wax Creme is a lanolin based product.  Lanolin is a naturally produced by-product of wool.  This is an excellent skin care product that is popular for a wide range of uses and users.  No matter what issues you have with your skin, Wool Wax Creme can help you.  This lotion is made in the U.S.A and we are proud that it is made in Montana.  Buy 2 jars of the 9 ounce.  What a great way to find out how wonderful this Wool Wax Crème is! Fragrance choices are the regular scent and fragrance free.  Made from lanolin, this Wool Wax Crème helps prevent chapping and heals rough, dry skin. Non-greasy, hypoallergenic. Provide relief with this heavy-duty skin treatment.The cost of the Wool Wax Creme is $13.56.  The price includes the estimated shipping cost.  If the actual shipping is less, I will refund you that amount.