Wool Wax Crème is a lightly scented skin care product that leaves the skin dry to the touch without that "oily skin cream" feeling. Wool Wax helps to counteract chapping, roughness, cracking and dry skin problems. Wool Wax Crème is a lanolin based product. Lanolin is a naturally produced by-product of wool. An excellent skin care product that is popular for a wide range of uses and users.Wool Wax Creme helps counteract chapping, roughness and dry skin.  Wash and dry skin, then apply cream and massage well over the area.  Keeps skin lovlier, softer and smoother with no unpleasant greasy or sticky after-feeling. Wool Wax Crème is a lanolin based product. Lanolin is a naturally produced by-product of wool. Wool Wax Creme is an excellent skin care product that is excellent for a wide range of uses and users. Wool Wax Creme is a healing and protective creme that features a clean aroma and no greasy residue.  Wool Wax Creme also is hypoallergenic which is a plus for those with sensitivities. 


Wool Wax Creme is the only product we have used for many years for dry or cracking skin. It is non-greasy and heals the skin quickly. Pride of Montana.com is our preferred site to purchase Wool Wax Creme. They package their products extremely well and ship quickly besides being very helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend! AAA+++ 
Ellen (Pacific NW).

I have been using Wool Wax for years now as it is the only product that helps my dry skin and painful cracks on my hands during winter. After reading some of the great testimonies for Wool Wax I plan to try this on my feet also! I would also like to give a praise for the way 'Pride of Montana' runs their business. This business is so refreshing in their honesty and outstanding communication. They ship immediately and use the most economical way possible. I give them a 5 Star rating!!'                  Ellen from Washington state

The palms of my hands were so bad that they were cracked and bleeding. I started using the wool wax cream and they are healing up!! YAY!!! Jan in Idaho

I received a 2ounce jar a couple of years ago and never used it. I figured it must have dried up by now, but opened it anyway. It was like new! I have had an issue with a blister that forms in my right thumb then will peel away but come back.  I suspect this has something to do with the chemicals I came in contact with during my time in the military and maybe present day stress.  Doctors have been at a loss on how to treat this and had me try all kinds of medicines, some that ruined my stomach. I was desperate to find something that would stop the itching, pain and continual peeling.  I used the Wool Wax Creme a week ago and NO LIE, within 24 hours it was healing! No more peeling or itchiness. Within 5 days it was healed. I am very happy with the results. James S in New Orleans, LA 


 I discovered that Wool Wax Creme takes the pain out of burns almost immediately. I ran cold water on a 2nd and 3rd degree burn for a few minutes and then I caked Wool Wax Creme on the burn.  Much to my amazement, the pain stopped right away! I continued to apply the Wool Wax Creme on the burns daily and I can barely see where the 3rd degree burn was and can't see the 2nd degree burn at all!  Wool Wax Creme works on sunburns also.  I also discovered Wool Wax Creme works well on diaper rash. Put a good coating on the affected area and the diaper rash will heal very soon.  Marla in Utah

I'm a river-runner that works on the Green and Yampa Rivers.  As a Guide who stays out for multiple days at a time working in mostly harsh, dry and sandy conditions my hands get WORKED!  Your hand creme is the only creme that doesn't leave my hands slimy so I can grip the oars, do my daily chores and enjoy my days spent working on the river without sacrifice! Thanks Wool Wax Creme! Lg trawinski, Vernal, UTAH

 I am being selfish and stocking up for me -- I am a weaver, and someone gave me a small 2 oz jar of this wonderful cream, and it does more for my skin than the incredibly expensive prescription stuff from my doctor - truly, it is a great product, you should be proud to be associated with it. Gwen N. New York

I have ridiculously dry ankles (go figure) andWool Wax Creme keeps them moist and smooth all day long! Do I sound like a commercial? Well, I really love it. Thanks!  KC, Idaho

I live in Chicagoland and stopped in Bemidji on the way home from visiting my great-grandparents' homesteads in Wing, ND and the area where my dad was born. Found myself in Bemidji & went to the woolen mill and discovered Wool Wax Creme in the factory store! It doesn't freeze up in the car in the winter.  I've use all kinds of expensive creams, but Wool Wax remains the best! Thanks, S.W. Illinois

A great product for skin care while working in the cold and water during Disaster Relief efforts. Thanks Fred, Illinois

I am an iliostomy patient and have severe itching on the skin where the wafer meets the skin. I used stoma-adhesive powder to help heal the rash caused by the itching but for years never obtained real relief from the problem.  I recently started using the Wool Wax Creme as an experiment to see if it would help and was amazed to discover that it took the rash and itch away the first time I used it and healed the sores that iliostomies cause.  I rubbed it in well and used a small amount so that the wafer would still adhere to my skin. I am a believer!  Thanks Wool Wax Creme for helping me with this problem!   Elliot L.  in Montana


I was given a gift of some Wool Wax Creme.  The name "Wool Wax" just didn't arouse my immediate trust it was going to help with my extreme dry skin problems. I was pleasantly surprised that not only was it smooth, soothing and dries as soft as they say, but it works to soften the roughest, toughest problems my family had. The regular scent also smells nice and clean.  Now I'm a believer and an avid user of Wool Wax Creme!  DonnaLynn in CA


Diabetes caused my skin to shed so bad it was like I had been walking in sand when I took my socks off! This was a daily occurance. Also my feet were so rough they would cut my hands when I rubbed them! Using the Wool Wax Creme softened my feet up and has totally stopped the scaling skin! Not only is it less expensive than the cremes prescribed for diabetic related skin problems, but it works better too!  Anthony in CA


A relative gave us a 9 ounce container to try on our 3 year old son's extremely sensitive skin.  We love it!!! No more red, itchy rash, especially in the winter. (We had tried almost every product available with no luck luck until now).  Thank You. Karen in Indiana 


I have dry skin which is compounded by diabetes. This is the only product I have found that works.  I use Wool Wax Creme everyday and all the dry skin disappears.  My skin feels "baby's bottom smooth/soft"! Thanks.  Tatiana in MO


I have really enjoyed using your Wool Wax Creme, especially on my dry feet! It is the best thing I've ever found to soften heels that were so rough and scaly they would actually snag my stockings! Thank you! Dorothy in CA