12 ~Two Ounce Jars Wool Wax Creme

$ 66.38

Wool Wax Creme helps counteract chapping, roughness and dry skin.  This lotion keeps skin lovelier, softer and smoother with no unpleasant greasy or sticky after-feeling.  This is lanolin based, a natural by-product of wool and is hypoallergenic.  This heavy-duty skin care is for anyone who works outside or in other harsh environments.  If you have dry, scaly or cracked skin, this product is for you.   What a great way to give the gift of Wool Wax Creme to many of your friends and relatives! The 2 Ounce jars of Wool Wax Creme are perfect for putting anywhere...in your desk drawer, purse, diaper bag, brief case...anywhere! Please note that the 2 ounce jars only come in the regular scent. Made from lanolin, this Wool Wax Crème helps prevent chapping and heals rough, dry skin. Non-greasy, hypoallergenic. Provide relief with this heavy-duty skin treatment. The cost of the Wool Wax Creme is $47.88.   The price includes the estimated shipping cost.  If the actual shipping is less, I will refund you that amount.