Montana Art: Roses Colored Pencil Drawing

$ 295.25 $ 330.00

Buying this original artwork will give you beauty, quality work that you will be proud to display in your home or office or give as a gift at an affordable price.  Juanita's gift of using many modes to do her pictures is breath-taking.  Whether she uses paint, pencils or any combination of techniques, you will be thrilled at the outcome, as with these roses.  Montana art is a gift worth having.  Give yourself this amazing gift or give to someone you love.  Don't miss out on quality U.S.A art work. Juanita has done it again! Her gift has brought to life these beautiful roses in this colored pencil drawing. Measures approximately 17 inches x 20 inches. The frame compliments the picture beautifully. You will love displaying this art work.  Hurry to get this gem for your own. The price of the Roses Colored Pencil Drawing with frame includes shipping.